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5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Spice Up an Old Bathroom

Is your bathroom dated or boring? To bring it up to date, you may think that you have to spend a fortune to renovate it from the ground up. In actuality, you can use something as simple as stone to give your bathroom an inexpensive makeover. Here are five ways to do just that.

1. Add Some Flair

Stone inserts are an inexpensive way to update your bathroom features. By inserting a visually interesting marble or granite design into an otherwise ordinary feature, you make it look new and modern. 

Look for places in your existing bathroom design that could use a pop of color or texture to break up the space. Backsplashes, countertops, floors and shower stalls are great places to add a fun insert. That said, why not replace a boring bathmat with a beautiful built-in marble mat? The possibilities for using stone in your bathroom are generally only limited by your imagination. 

2. Create a Marble Accent Wall

If you can't afford to fill the bathroom with cultured marble, then focus on one place where the addition a marble wall would really stand out and draw attention. For instance, you could opt to install marble behind a large soaking tub or use it as a centerpiece backdrop for a modern shower. An accent wall that’s directly visible as people enter the bathroom will draw attention where you want it most and away from where you don't. 

Natural stone looks best when highlighted with natural lighting, so it goes well with skylights and windows. You can also bounce light off mirrors and other shiny surfaces to make the marble's natural shine come through. 

3. Restore Old Stone

Oftentimes, natural stone materials in the bathroom start to look dull and cloudy due to heavy use and cleaning materials. Instead of replacing worn-out marble or granite, have it assessed for proper cleaning and restoration. Often, saving the existing stone is easier than you'd expect.

Proper, professional restoration can usually fix cracks, chips, scratches, stains and milky appearances. Then, the stone is correctly sealed to ensure that it stays looking great. Depending on the level of wear, you may not even need full restoration but merely a refinishing. 

4. Mix It Up

Introducing new textures and opposing materials can give both you and your bathroom new inspiration. For instance, many people think that luxury bathrooms are filled floor to ceiling with white marble and shiny fixtures. In actuality, a mixture of natural elements like bamboo and high-end marble can create a more spa-inspired look.

Alternatively, you could mix up the stone features themselves. You could use a traditional white marble and a rich evergreen or deep-blue marble as an accent. 

5. Make It Practical

If you like the look of natural stone but have experienced wear and tear in a constantly busy bathroom, then you may want to replace older sections with engineered stone.
This modern variant has the lush look of marble, quartz, granite and other stones, but it's made of only about 80 percent natural materials and suspended in a polymer resin. In addition to being flexible, this also means that it requires less maintenance and is more durable. 

Changing out stone to include engineered versions is a great way not only to update a family bathroom but also to help ensure that it continues to look great even with a lot of use by children and parents alike.
The full family of natural stone materials can help transform any bathroom with minimal installation and construction mess. If you need help determining what the best way to highlight stone in your particular space, call the stone experts at OC Marble Restoration. Then, you can start enjoying your bathroom again like you did when it was new.