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Marble Cleaning Services Available in Yorba Linda, CA​

Why Do I Need to Clean My Stones?

Natural stones are extremely porous. When not properly maintained, stone flooring will absorb stains and spills, damaging it over time. At OC Marble Restoration, we work hard to protect your investment. With our professional cleaning, you can minimize wear and damage while restoring your floor’s luster.

What Are the Benefits?

Over time, dirt and grime build up in the porous surfaces of your stone, turning it into a breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria. Our cleaning services will eliminate that problem.
A person providing marble cleaning in Yorba Linda, CA

How Can I Prepare My Home?

In addition to preparing any children or pets for the visit, there are a few things we request. This allows our technicians to complete their job finished faster, as well as providing you with better results. Before our technicians arrive, please do the following:​

Remove Clutter

Shoes, toy, and other objects should be removed from the area as these are tripping hazards. Your stone should also be cleared off completely.

Remove Floor Coverings

By moving rugs, mats, and other floor coverings, our technicians will have full access to your floor. This leaves you with a better, more even clean floor.


Tables, chairs, barstools, and other furniture should be removed from the area being cleaned. Once the area is dry, you can move your furniture back.

Sweep the Area

This does not have to be a deep clean. Quickly sweep to remove large pieces of litter from the floor or countertop. Do this after moving your furniture to not miss trash.

How Can I Keep My Stone Looking Great?

Proper maintenance helps keep your stone looking its best between cleanings. In addition, caring for your stone can save you money by extending the time before another cleaning visit is needed. By cleaning up spills immediately and using cleaners specially designed for your stone type, you can maintain its shine and beauty longer.