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Stone Refinishing in Orange County, California

What Is Stone Refinishing?

If your stone has been improperly sealed, it may get a cloudy look. Additionally, using soap instead of a quality stone cleaner can cause your stone to appear dull. With stone refinishing, we can restore the shine and beauty to your stone.

How Does Stone Refinishing Work?

When the craftsmen and OC Marble Restoration refinish your stone, we begin by removing your old seal. We then polish your stone to the finish you prefer. Finally, we properly seal your stone for a fresh, beautiful look.​
Bathroom marble stones

How Can I Prepare for Refinishing?

As with most jobs, preparation helps a job run smoother and faster with better results. While the professionals at OC Marble Restoration will properly prepare your stone surfaces, there are a few things you can do before the visit:

Remove Clutter

Remove toys and other small objects from the work area. These are not only tripping hazards but may become damaged during the refinishing process.

Remove Furniture

Move your furniture to a safe location. It can be moved back once the sealant has properly dried, typically about 15 to 30 minutes.

Prepare Your Pets

We request that pets be put into kennels or separate, locked rooms during the procedure. This prevents them and our technicians from harm.

Sweep or Wipe the Area

While our technicians will provide a final clean, removing large debris allows for a faster, cleaner job.

How Can I Start?

The first step to great-looking stone is contacting OC Marble Restoration. Give us the details of your stone when you call in. Our professional team will then provide you with a free consultation. Don’t wait; call now.