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Stone Restoration in Orange County, California

What Is Stone Restoration?

Restoring your stone is more than returning its shine. It allows scratches and other imperfections to be removed. Restoration may also include altering the stone’s surface to match your desired finish.

How Does My Stone Become Damaged?

Scratches and abrasions often occur without your knowledge. Simple things such as dirt on your shoes can harm your stone as you walk. Additionally, when acid from food or cleaners spills on your stone, it creates a dull spot that cannot be wiped away.​
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What Is Involved?

When your stone becomes damaged, the professionals at OC Marble Restoration can bring the life back to its surface. We use a number of techniques to return your stone to its natural beauty:​


Grinding is a very aggressive approach to refinishing stone, with the goal to flatten the floor. It uses a metal-bonded and diamond grit floor buffer to remove deep scratches and lippage.


Although similar to grinding, the materials used are not as course when honing. Often projects will only use grinding or honing based on the depth of the scratches and lips your stone has.


In the polishing phase, a higher grit or combinations of grit compounds are used to bring out a shine in your stone after honing or grinding.


Sealing must take place after grinding, honing, or polishing. In this step, a high-quality shielding sealant is applied to the surface of the stone to ensure proper protection.

How Long Does It Take?

The length of your job depends on a number of variables, including the stone type, desired finish and depth of scratches. Typically, if you are looking to restore more than 300 square feet of any stone, you will be looking at more than one day of work.